While providing an ad network system to overseas portal sites and platforms,
we are also working on a solution business focused on promotion,
localization and the like from overseas to Japan, and vice versa.

Overseas Solution

Overseas Solution

Providing an ad network system
We implement localization (task of translating to the language of the target country) and culturalization (task adjusting to the culture, customs and thought processes of the target country) for the ad network and reward advertising system that we operate, and provide them to overseas portal sites and platforms.
Supporting overseas promotion
Propose suitable promotion for Japanese companies looking to produce ads for overseas or overseas companies looking to produce ads for Japan by utilizing the experience we have acquired through providing an ad agency service.
When developing ads for overseas, we propose localization/culturalization that makes sense to local users.

Our support from overseas clients is based on our reliable
research and thorough culturalization

  • Development of ad network business centered on Asia
  • Development of ad network business centered on Asia

    At our company, as part of our future growth strategy, we are actively working on overseas business, utilizing the techniques and experiences that we’ve acquired to date.

    In recent years, especially, as the internet advertising market is quickly developing in Asian countries, we have various businesses centered on countries that many Japanese companies are interested in, such as Vietnam and China.

We spend lot of our focus on the ad network business, which is our company’s main business. For example, we provide ad networks and reward ad systems which we have developed for gaming platforms and so forth that are operated by overseas clients.

The type and scale of our clients vary. They include government-affiliated companies, major companies, as well as fast-growing start-up companies.

Reliable research and intensive culturalization

We have high technical strength and creative ideas, as well as detailed and flexible adaptability. That is the reason why the ad solutions we propose are supported by numerous overseas clients.

It is also because we can provide a one-stop package for optimizing policies relating to ad distribution.
Furthermore, another one of our company’s strengths is being able to perform optimal localization and culturalization with the cooperation of our partner companies with many years of experience doing business overseas, which allows for thorough research of each country’s culture, customs, the people’s way of thinking and so forth.

We especially have a reputation for accurate and natural translation by our experienced staff. Based on the above performance and network, we also provide support for Japanese companies looking to produce ads for overseas markets, and localization/culturalization support for overseas development of products or services that are currently being marketed domestically.

  • Energize the “whole world’ through the internet!

    We also have other projects simultaneously in-progress that we cannot disclose in detail yet.

    For example, development using digital signage.

    While the development of ad technology and growth in the smartphone market are expected in the future, we feel that there is much more for us to achieve.

  • Energize the “whole world’ through the internet!

With the goal of energizing the “whole world” through the internet, we would like to continue to challenge ourselves not only in Asia, but with our sights also set on the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe.


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