As an ad agency, we provide the best comprehensive promotional proposals by prioritizing
the needs of the sponsor and media, and using both our own and other companies' services.

Ad Agency Service

Ad Agency Service

Besides ads (pure advertising) of a period guarantee type, we provide comprehensive proposals such as affiliate advertising and ad networks, including our TAP ONE and MAIST services that benefit both the sponsor and media.

Furthermore, we also handle many overseas media, and we also support advertising for companies expanding overseas.

In terms of operation, we not only create banners and LPs (landing pages), but also advise on effective promotion utilizing the culture and features of each country.

Compatible Devices

  • Smartphone
  • Personal Computer
    Personal Computer
  • Tablet

Charging System

  • AF
    Affiliate Advertisement
  • CPC
    Cost Per Click
  • IMP
  • AD
    Pure Advertisement

Promotion Example 1

Request from browser game company D
We want to develop comprehensive WEB ads along with the release of a new game.


Proposal from Akinasista
Figure out manuscript and media attributes with high advertising effect through our network, and set target CPA based on billing status of acquired users. Subsequently, use an effective manuscript and narrow down the media attributes of the distribution target, and use other companies’ ad networks and pure advertising.


[ Result ]
Because we were able to set a KPI index and examine manuscripts/media at low cost, most of the budget could go into full scale promotion, and we were able to conduct comprehensive and effective promotion using listing, pure advertising, an ad network and the like.

Promotion Example 2

Request from browser game company E
We want to implement WEB advertising in English-speaking countries.


Proposal from Akinasista
Implemented the distribution method of displaying ads accessed from only English-speaking countries in various overseas media/ad networks.
Also, using our experience, we produced manuscripts that were easily received by each country.


[ Result ]
We were able to achieve profitable overseas development because we were able to quickly gather traffic from many English-speaking countries and put our efforts into strengthening distribution and manuscript production in countries where ads were effective.


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