We operate 4 ad networks and offer proposals making full use of the characteristics of each network.
Furthermore, we have a system built to provide the best advice for effect/profit maximization with a specialized operator.



OCTOPUS enables to deliver ads in different types of ad spaces without ordinary in-line ad slots.

For the media side, there is a merit to perform increase in extra profit in addition to the existing revenue.
Since it is possible to deliver ads outside the existing ad spaces.
The client side has a merit of delivering different appeals from regular ads.


Compatible Devices

  • Smartphone
  • Personal Computer
    Personal Computer
  • Tablet

Charging System

  • AF
    Affiliate Advertisement
  • CPC
    Cost Per Click
  • IMP
  • AD
    Pure Advertisement

Promotion Example 1

Request from game application Company A
who will launch new product and want to have many users from a start.
However, it makes keep budget lower as much as possible.


Proposal from Akinasista
We propose delivery low price PR to get a large number of users for pre-registration.
We can also suggest a pre-registration promotion to PC users, because the original game has been released on the PC.


[ Result ]
Although the new product was an application game on mobile, it was a success effectively on the mobile and also with the promotion on the PC. As a result they were able to get 2 times as large as their targeted number of users.


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