We operate 4 ad networks and offer proposals making full use of the characteristics of each network.
Furthermore, we have a system built to provide the best advice for effect/profit maximization with a specialized operator.



MAIST is an ad network created to maximize cost effectiveness and media profits for sponsors. It is compatible with smartphones and PCs and is equipped with distribution logic such as distribution ratio change for high effect banners and CPC transition to pursue maximization of ad effect.

Furthermore, based on the experience we acquired during the era of feature phones, a specialist staff member will handle everything with care, from proposing an ad manuscript to measuring results.


Compatible Devices

  • Smartphone
  • Personal Computer
    Personal Computer
  • Tablet

Charging System

  • AF
    Affiliate Advertisement
  • CPC
    Cost Per Click
  • IMP
  • AD
    Pure Advertisement

Promotion Example 1

Request from company B, carrier official website
We have tried various ads but cost effectiveness is low. We want to acquire users within our target CPA.


Proposal from Akinasista
Utilize the unique distribution logic to perform A/B testing and review of banners and the LP.
Simultaneously, search for media attributes with a good match,
and carry out a full-scale ad campaign with the most effective pattern.


[ Result ]
Through automatic adjustment of CPC and the distribution ratio,
we succeeded in picking out low cost/compatible media attributes
and an effective manuscript pattern.
Subsequently, large-scale ad distribution led to the acquisition of 2000 monthly users
within the scope of the target CPA.


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